Cloud Pallet Storage – June 2019 Article

In this month’s article we look at 2019 trends, the rise of SME’s & eCommerce, uncertainty in the UK market, and what this all means for the storage industry?

Right now, the UK industry is going through a turbulent time. The retail industry is struggling, high-street retailers are starting to feel the pinch and you’d be forgiven for thinking that this could mean with spiraling storage costs that the storage industry could also be at risk. In this article we discuss how the current climate in the UK is affecting the storage industry.

With the high-street seemingly in decline, this has left big retailers with huge amounts of stock sitting in storage, gathering dust, and costing them money. With this considered, how can any storage business persuade big retailers that they still need their services you might wonder?

The game has changed, the high street giants are starting to wilt but we’re now seeing a boom in both online and offline retail SME’s. They are currently the storage industry’s best customers. Many of the major bricks and mortar retail shops have their own warehouses and they don’t have a need for warehousing and distribution services so they have their own channels which they operate with. What we are special sing in here at Cloud Pallet Storage is helping online and offline retail SMEs to grow and scale up their business by offering them a haven for their distribution and warehousing needs.

Many e-commerce stores using platforms such as Shopify or Magento or traditional entrepreneurs using Ebay and Amazon are going through a bit of a purple patch right now with the current economic climate swinging in this direction and our storage and distribution services are perfect for these types of businesses due to the fact we are flexible and can be very cost effective for them.

One area that is growing rapidly is for Ebay and Etsy sellers; often thought of as small stay at home operations, we are starting to see these become retail SMEs that have scaled up to significantly sized enterprises and in turn need a warehouse to look after their prized assets. This has created an ideal opportunity for smaller retailers, rather than relying on foot traffic or creating demand for your brand, emerging retailers can go to where a huge customer base already is, and benefit from traffic and sales they may not otherwise have access to.

There are still, of course, several major retailers who are thriving and occasionally expand their storage requirements, particularly in seasonal times when they need to increase their size of stock to cover demand.

For information on any of the above or if you would like to discuss how Cloud Pallet Storage can help your business with your storage requirements please contact us and one of our representatives will be in touch.