Brexit will soon be upon us – here’s what we can do to ensure your business is set to prosper in this uncertain time for the UK………

We answer some if the key burning issues and questions happening in the market at the moment…..

As we first mentioned in 2016, Britain has voted to leave the EU !  You may be wanting to expand your business but feel cautious about the investment required to expand your current operation or make changes to your existing business strategy.

When starting up or expanding a business with a need for warehousing and distribution, is it easier to outsource?  Although not always the best option outsourcing brings many benefits.

The location of where to store your products is always a primary consideration. This depends on place of manufacturing, ports, road networks, customer base and delivery points required. By choosing a good location to keep your warehouse will keep mileage costs down, service providers of warehouse and distribution are usually well placed, meeting business’s needs.

How can outsourcing storage and distribution help my business?

The cost of running a warehouse in the location suited to your business needs is usually the main reason to outsource. Costs such as rent/lease, mortgage, rates, insurance, training, wages, accounts, equipment such as forklifts racking, maintenance of warehouse and equipment and the unforeseen costs can spiral. Having one monthly payment to an outsourcer who can take this burden from you could provide dividends to your business and also give you more free time to focus on other areas of your business such as making sales and customer service.

Should you outsource your storage?

Why should you outsource? Advantages are not only costs. The knowledge and expertise of an established warehouse distribution center that already provides an efficient running service is very attractive. It can take time to train staff such as logistics managers and warehouse staff. Getting a new warehouse/distribution center up and running efficiently takes time, sometimes in business you don’t have that time and we understand this. You need a 3PL company (3rd party logistics) and we are at your service whenever you should require to call upon us.

What is a 3PL company?

3PL stands for ‘Third-party logistics’ (sometimes abbreviated as 3PL or even TPL) and basically what this means is a company who works on behalf of an organization or business to handle the outsourcing of things such as storage, distribution, warehousing and fulfillment.

Is your product seasonal?

If so, our service could be just what you are looking for. For example it is very popular with supermarkets to outsource their warehouse and distribution for overspill of Christmas products. Paying only when you need the storage can bring you huge savings and help you to run your business at scale.

How can Cloud Pallet Storage help your business?

As your business grows and changes, then warehousing and distribution needs change with the times also. Outsourcing to a warehouse such as Cloud Pallet Storage who already provide a flexible service to a wide range of clients and products, can and often is the solution to warehousing and distribution needs.

For more information or an assessment on your needs, speak to us at Cloud Pallet Storage ,we have a range of services for you to  consider which may help you change your business strategy, become leaner on cost and run in a more efficient manner for both you and your customers.