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Pallet Storage service is our main business. We specialise in unloading your goods and carefully recording their identity and conditions in our warehouse, then logging them using our computerised location system before we place them onto secure racking.

We are ideally suited for pallet storage distribution to the South East, Essex, Kent or London. Our pallet storage rates are also highly competitive!

We work for many clients that have multiple palletised lines from which we store and dispatch via our state of the art methods.


The main benefits are as follows:

  • Rent Only the Space you need,
  • Avoid expensive start-up costs, legal fees,staffing or plant.
  • Only pay for staff when your stock moves.
  • Concentrate on running your business while we look after your products.
  • Fixed Costs which can adapt to your business growth.

Pallet storage rates can be less than you think, call today for a quote or a chat about your needs and we can find the right services that match your requirements.

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