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Happy Financial Year from Cloud Pallet Storage for low cost storage solutions in Essex, Kent and London

April 2017 – A New Financial Year !

2017 is already proving to be a very busy year! We have welcomed a lot of new clients and business already this year.

As more and more companies see the benefits of outsourcing their warehousing, pallet storage and logistical needs leaving them free to work on expanding their core business.

At Cloud Logistics we have a wide range of business sectors that we cater for, from Construction Materials for integration into new developments to manufacturing materials and retail products.

Our geographical location is a great benefit especially as the LEZ (Low emission zone) begins to be developed, we can unload and store for a short time or longer periods awaiting distribution into London.

We offer a Consolidation centre service which is sensible, cost effective and an environmentally friendly solution for building contractors. Multiple suppliers can consolidate their deliveries to one hub and then onward into a construction Project in London,on a just in time basis saving fuel, congestion and pollution and precious space on site.

If you would like to talk about your needs maybe present or future or about how we can help develop your business, don’t hesitate to contact me via our website.

Greta Keating

Business Development Manager


December 2016 – Seasons Greetings

Seasons Greetings to all our Clients and Suppliers

2016 has been a very positive year at Cloud Pallet Storage, we have had many new customers and have enjoyed watching their success through their use of our services as they concentrate on developing their business’.

We have made many improvements to our facilities and service in 2016 and there is a continuous improvement program in place for 2017.

We thank all our existing clients for their support and wish them a Happy and prosperous New Year as we look forward to meeting new clients in 2017 and helping them achieve their business goals,



September 2016 – Cloud Logistics and Zupplychain Partnership

September 2016 – Cloud Logistics and Zupplychain Partnership

Cloud Logistics is pleased to be a member of the Zupplychain network. Zupplychain, launched in February 2016, is a b2b website to match warehouse space with pallets needing storage. The Zupplychain concept was inspired by its founders’ experience of running manufacturing and distribution businesses – with space requirements and stock often yo-yo-ing – and the growing market in ‘peer to peer’ or ‘aggregating’ sites such as Airbndb and Uber.

Martin Elgood, Zupplychain Managing Director explains: ‘Much as we tried, we often didn’t have the stock levels we predicted: either our customers sold more than expected, or less; add in stock builds for supplier annual shutdowns and customer promotions, and large range changes, and we were often in need of additional short term 3rd party warehousing. And when we were growing fast, it made little sense to take on a long lease for a new warehouse until we were clearer on our long term requirements. With Zupplychain, you can choose exactly the quantity you want and the period, without long contracts or commitments.’

For warehousing and storage providers like Cloud Logistics, Zupplychain is an opportunity to access customers who usually do not use third party warehousing; or who traditionally rely on established contacts; or who are out of the area but want to store product closer to customers or inbound/outbound ports. Zupplychain makes it easy to be found by these customers, quote to them simply and consistently, and deal with them operationally through the Zupplychain portal – no need for meetings; manually generated e-mails; time consuming phone calls.

For customers, Zupplychain provides the opportunity to search the local market in any area for the best providers; to solve warehousing problems in more creative ways; and to use the 3PL industry’s storage capacity without having to lease or build additional warehousing.

I addition to its search and matching facility, Zupplychain has developed its ‘Stock Database’, a propriety cloud based Warehouse Management System available to Zupplychain warehouses and customers. By using a unique reference number for each pallet, the database enables customers to request movements pallet by pallet and warehouses to easily locate the right pallets.

Cloud Logistics was one of the first warehouses to register with Zupplychain and due to its excellent position on the edges of Greater London and Essex – and its competitive rates – has received a stream of Zupplychain enquiries and secured several storage agreements.



July 2016 – After the Brexit Vote – Is it time to re-evaluate your business strategy ?

July 2016Britain has voted to leave the EU !  No doubt there will be uncertainty about the future with our current trading partners but there may also be opportunity with new International business relationships. You may be wanting to expand your business but feel cautious about the investment required to expand your current operation or make changes to your existing business strategy.

When starting up or expanding a business with a need for warehousing and distribution, is it easier to outsource?  Although not always the best option outsourcing brings many benefits.

The location of where to store your products is a primary consideration. This depends on place of manufacturing, ports, road networks, customer base and delivery points required. By choosing a good location to warehouse will keep mileage costs down, however this must be traded off against costs of leasing/renting the warehouse space. Service providers of warehouse and distribution are usually well placed, meeting businesses needs.

The cost of running a warehouse in the location suited to your business needs is usually the main reason to outsource. Costs such as rent/lease, mortgage, rates, insurance, training, wages, accounts, equipment such as forklifts racking, maintenance of warehouse and equipment and the unforeseen costs can spiral. Having one monthly payment to an outsourcer who has these worries is appealing.

There are many large businesses with capital resources to provide their own warehousing and distribution, choose to outsource. Why? Advantages are not only costs. The knowledge and expertise of an established warehouse distribution centre that already provides an efficient running service is very attractive. It can take time to train staff such as logistics manager and warehouse staff to get a new warehouse/distribution centre up and running efficiently.

Is your product seasonal? Supermarkets often outsource their warehouse and distribution for their overspill of Christmas products. Paying only when you need the storage can have huge savings.

As your business grows and changes, then warehousing and distribution needs change. Outsourcing to a warehouse such as Cloud Logistics who already provide a flexible service to a wide range of clients and products, can and often is the solution to warehousing and distribution needs.

Whether to outsource your warehouse distribution needs requires careful consideration. Costs soon add up especially unforeseen costs, and the time needed to get an efficiently running warehouse/distribution centre can be time consuming and affect the overall business. Having just one monthly payment to an outside warehouse allows a business free to operate.

For more information or an assessment of how your operation could benefit Contact us at Cloud Pallet Storage and we will be happy to explore the opportunities available.



January 2016 – Cloud Pallet Storage busy at London ExCel Centre !

Cloud Pallet Storage at London Boat Show

 At Cloud Pallet Storage our General Manager Andy Ashwell has 30 years experience of providing logistics and warehousing for exhibitions. As we are just 20 minutes from the ExCel Centre London we are an ideal choice for providing distribution and warehousing for exhibitors.

We have just provided storage of boat trailers for the London Boat Show, and then we are getting ready for London Fashion Show and then the MCN London Motorcycle show 12-14th February 2016.

If you need any storage while exhibiting at London Excel Centre or for any reason short term or long term, let us know as we are here to help !


Seasons Greetings and a Happy 2016 from Cloud Pallet Storage !

Pallet Storage ChristmasWishing all of the staff and clients here at Cloud Pallet Storage a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year. A big thanks, to all the staff at Cloud as they have worked very hard! Especially over the previous two months. With the build up to Christmas a new client required our service. A supermarket needed their dry Christmas stock to be hand balled off containers, palletised and distributed out to their depot. Christmas stock such as cards and trees had to be sorted on a quick turnaround.

This year we have also seen the beginning of upgrading the warehouses. Racking has been fitted to part of the warehouse and Cloud intends to fit out more. Also new Energy efficient LED lighting will be fitted in the New Year. The new fork-lifts have already improved the air quality of the warehouse. Which has improved the working environment and cleanliness of the warehouse. All this added to the good customer service provided by the staff at Cloud Pallet Storage, can only mean a good start to the New Year.



November 2015 – Cloud Pallet Storage go Green !

Due to overwhelming success with marketing of our pallet storage services at Cloud Pallet Storage, with new clients in London, Essex and Kent.This month Cloud Pallet Storage has had delivery of a fleet of Mitsubishi Gas Forklift Trucks. These new LPG gas trucks replaced our existing Diesel Trucks.

Chris Slater Sales Director of Bronze Mechanical Handling Ltd handed the last one over personally to Andy Ashwell (General Manager), and Greta Keating (Business Development Manager).

Cloud Pallet Storage have been very happy since switching to Mitsubishi Forklifts. We have noticed a dramatic improvement in fuel consumption, reporting up to 13 hours work on a single bottle of LP gas, significantly up to 40% more efficient. In particular Grendia’s in built speed limiter helps us improve efficiency and maintain a safe working environment, without damaging productivity.

The Mitsubishi Gas Forklifts suitability for indoor and container use is further enhanced by Grendia’s standard 3-way catalytic converter, dramatically reducing harmful NOx emissions to almost fresh air emissions. Also is the addition of automatic, light sensitive LED lamps and operator pin code entry. Added to the performance, reliability and economy of Mitsubishi’s forklift trucks. Bronze Mechanical’s exceptional local service and preventative maintenance is crucial in helping Cloud Logistics to increase productivity with less downtime.

Is your business expanding ? Could your business benefit from our pallet storage services ? Contact us on 01708 555422 or email We are here to help !



October 2015 – Acorn Storage completes New Racking Project at Cloud Pallet Storage

Acorn Racking at Cloud Pallet Storage Essex Kent and London

Due to overwhelming success with marketing of our pallet storage services at Cloud Pallet Storage, with new clients in London, Essex and Kent.

We needed to find ways to more efficiently store pallets from our clients due to our expanding business, to fully optimise this opportunity a well-designed warehouse was needed.

We met with Neil Wood from Acorn Storage, Neil was extremely professional in assessing our needs and coming up with an effective warehouse plan utilising their heavy duty pallet racking.

Acorn Storage Equipment Ltd in Rochester have over 25 years experience in racking, with an in depth knowledge suggested the ideal racking system for our warehouse. They advised on the brand, type and layout of the racking. Acorn Storage Equipment Ltd took into consideration the cost, purpose, accessibility, layout, versatility and robustness.

Racking the warehouse has gained vertical space, which has provided an efficient and easy way to store. It has increased productivity and has been an excellent way to enhance our pallet storage business. We provide a fulfilment service and racking is the best solution for the picking service we carry out.

Is your business expanding ? Could your business benefit from our pallet storage services ? Contact us on 01708 555422 or email We are here to help ! – Free listing allows buyers and sellers to quickly locate or advertise products and services to and from other businesses.

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