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The aim of any supply chain is to get a product from supplier to the customer with minimum damage, cost and time.  Cross docking focuses on using the best technology and business system to create a “Just in Time” shipping process.

Using state of the art container unloading equipment and methods, the goods to be delivered can be combined with goods from other loads from different origins into a load destined for customers in a seamless manner.

Cross docking is when goods from an incoming vehicle or railway are unloaded and then loaded onto outgoing vehicles to be then delivered directly to the customer.  This has little or no warehouse storage involved. 

The main advantage to cross docking is the reduction in costs.  Goods take up square footage in warehouses especially the cost of storing long term.  Another consideration is the reduced rates of handling of goods.  The more people involved in handling the higher the rates, higher risk of damages and higher losses.   

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Storing goods in a warehouse is at times necessary in order to meet sales or when materials are used in the production of work or goods.  However moving a product in an orderly fashion such as cross docking makes sense as the shipping time is decreased. We can assist with your shipping container unloading services with our high quality equipment and we will get your product on track to its destination. Our location is perfect for all major road networks, we are close to the M25 and ideally situated for Kent, Essex, London and the South of England.

Before considering this method of shipping the customer may not have the capacity to store the goods.  Further to this it can be quite stressful if things go wrong. If the incoming goods are late or cancelled at the last minute, the outgoing vehicles could be waiting as ready to load.  Costs for demurrage (the detention of the vehicle allocated time for loading) or the cost of the vehicles having not carried out any work.  Time effort and money is then spent on re-scheduling.  Costs can also be incurred from the customer especially in construction whereby late deliveries can hold up work to be carried out onsite.

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