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March 26th 2020 – Corona Virus COVID 19 UPDATE : 

We are continuing to operate during this difficult period, we would ask all visitors to our site to observe Government Guidelines in relation to keeping safe and social distancing when dealing with our staff.

More information can be found at 

Stay Safe !


September 2019 : Cloud Logistics Proud to Support Macmillan Cancer Support

Well done to Bev in our office for hosting the MacMillan coffee morning, you’ve done something truly amazing ! 

Bev donated her time and effort and baked scrumptious cakes and savouries which resulted in donations of £215.70   Also a big thank you to Cake Craft Ltd for their donation of cake boxes and to Mick from our warehouse who contributed to the baking of delicious cakes.  Finally, a big thank you for all donations made I know I can speak for all donators the cakes and the quiche were well worth it!

The first ever Coffee Morning happened way back in 1990. It was a rather small affair with a simple idea guests would gather over coffee and donate the cost of their cuppa to Macmillan cancer support.  It was so effective, it was hosted the next year only this time it went national.   Since then MacMillan Coffee Mornings have raised over £200 million for Macmillan.

MacMillan is mostly funded by donations and is in great need of funding to support the increasing number of people with cancer.  Macmillan play an invaluable role to ensure everyone with cancer lives life as fully as they can, in providing physical, financial and emotional support.

Greta Keating

Business Development Manager

April 2019 – A New Financial Year !

2019 is already proving to be a very busy year! We have welcomed a lot of new clients and business already this year.

As more and more companies see the benefits of outsourcing their warehousing, pallet storage and logistical needs leaving them free to work on expanding their core business.

At Cloud Logistics we have a wide range of business sectors that we cater for, from Construction Materials for integration into new developments to manufacturing materials and retail products.

Our geographical location is a great benefit especially as the LEZ (Low emission zone) begins to be developed, we can unload and store for a short time or longer periods awaiting distribution into London.

We offer a Consolidation centre service which is sensible, cost effective and an environmentally friendly solution for building contractors. Multiple suppliers can consolidate their deliveries to one hub and then onward into a construction Project in London,on a just in time basis saving fuel, congestion and pollution and precious space on site.

If you would like to talk about your needs maybe present or future or about how we can help develop your business, don’t hesitate to contact me via our website.

Greta Keating

Business Development Manager

After the Brexit Vote – Is it time to re-evaluate your business strategy ?

Britain has voted to leave the EU !  No doubt there will be uncertainty about the future with our current trading partners but there may also be opportunity with new International business relationships. You may be wanting to expand your business but feel cautious about the investment required to expand your current operation or make changes to your existing business strategy.

When starting up or expanding a business with a need for warehousing and distribution, is it easier to outsource?  Although not always the best option outsourcing brings many benefits.

The location of where to store your products is a primary consideration. This depends on place of manufacturing, ports, road networks, customer base and delivery points required. By choosing a good location to warehouse will keep mileage costs down, however this must be traded off against costs of leasing/renting the warehouse space. Service providers of warehouse and distribution are usually well placed, meeting businesses needs.

The cost of running a warehouse in the location suited to your business needs is usually the main reason to outsource. Costs such as rent/lease, mortgage, rates, insurance, training, wages, accounts, equipment such as forklifts racking, maintenance of warehouse and equipment and the unforeseen costs can spiral. Having one monthly payment to an outsourcer who has these worries is appealing.

There are many large businesses with capital resources to provide their own warehousing and distribution, choose to outsource. Why? Advantages are not only costs. The knowledge and expertise of an established warehouse distribution centre that already provides an efficient running service is very attractive. It can take time to train staff such as logistics manager and warehouse staff to get a new warehouse/distribution centre up and running efficiently.

Is your product seasonal? Supermarkets often outsource their warehouse and distribution for their overspill of Christmas products. Paying only when you need the storage can have huge savings.

As your business grows and changes, then warehousing and distribution needs change. Outsourcing to a warehouse such as Cloud Logistics who already provide a flexible service to a wide range of clients and products, can and often is the solution to warehousing and distribution needs.

Whether to outsource your warehouse distribution needs requires careful consideration. Costs soon add up especially unforeseen costs, and the time needed to get an efficiently running warehouse/distribution centre can be time consuming and affect the overall business. Having just one monthly payment to an outside warehouse allows a business free to operate.

For more information or an assessment of how your operation could benefit Contact us at Cloud Pallet Storage and we will be happy to explore the opportunities available.